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Due Diligence Review We review the financial information of companies our clients plan to acquire or when there is a possibility of a merger in order to assist in the decision-making process. This may be done without the necessity of a full audit of the company's financial statements.

Corporate Restructuring We design, analyse, and implement financial strategies aimed at repositioning and revitalising companies to provide them with the opportunity to reestablish competitive advantage and respond more quickly and effectively to new opportunities and unexpected challenges.

Financial Forecasting We analyse financial data and management assumptions with the objective of assessing the impact of a firm’s operating decisions on future cash flows, earnings, investments, required financing and dividend policy.

Project Feasibility Study We provide a full-scale feasibility studies, taking into consideration the market, technical, financial and legal aspects of a project and giving particular attention to risk identification.

Mergers and Acquisition We provide clients with a broad progression of accounting, tax and business advisory services.

Need a helping hand?

Accounting and Bookkeeping To help our clients cut down on these tedious and time-consuming tasks, we establish and maintain accounting and bookkeeping systems for them as well as provide timely and relevant financial information to support the company's decision-making process. We assist our clients in recording, classifying and summarising economic events in a logical manner. We also ensure that accounting records are promptly and regularly updated.

Payroll We provide confidential and general payroll services and assist in the computation and CPF submission and other government regulatory requirements.

Controllership We provide full controllership services wherein our personnel perform the company's finance and accounting functions, thereby eliminating the need for our clients to maintain in-house controllership.

Advisory & Consulting

Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support Be it accounting fraud or embezzlement, our team of forensic accounting professionals can help your business investigate and uncover case facts, identify remediative actions, submit restatements of cashflow, income statements and balance sheets where necessary, and liaise with regulators and external parties where required. We work closely with our associated Technology firm and utilise its advanced forensic tools to gather facts and evidence to assess the issue and help clients to respond effectively. We deploy data analytics tools where applicable to quickly uncover anomalies and identify trends in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the issue and provide inputs to the legal counsel or client accordingly. Our team of accounting professionals work closely with lawyers to uncover fraudulent activities efficiently, and can serve as expert witness in a court of law when required to.

Tax Compliance Services Retainer services addressing day-to-day tax issues (ie GST and Corporate income tax) arising in the normal course of business of a client. The service is provided through emails and direct consultations, without need of lengthy written opinions. Advice is dispensed as expeditiously as possible.

About Us

Who We Are

Evocate are a consulting and technology services company serving over 254+ clients across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. We specialise in cloud collaboration platforms, IT managed services, custom development and migrations of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 CRM and Microsoft Azure. Australian owned and headquartered in Melbourne, we have offices across Australia in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra. Our team is made up of enthusiastic and skilful Microsoft experts that have a wealth of technical experience and business knowledge. Founded in 2009 by SharePoint and Dynamics consultants, we have the capacity to help mould your Microsoft 365 subscription, Azure environments, SharePoint & Microsoft Teams platforms and Dynamics 365 applications to meet your ever-changing business needs. Give us a call, we're always happy to help.

Our Philosophy

We believe in delivering what our customers expect (a great end product) and not just what they've asked for!

Our Approach

We collaboratively work with you to try and achieve a great outcome from both a businesses and usability perspective.

Our Promise

Return on Investment 100
Improve user satisfaction by80
Improve Collaboration by95
Improve Customer Management90
Improve BI transparency80
Increase User Adoption by80

Pre Packaged


First contact

Our top management team in Singapore will touch base with you to gain an understanding of your business and devise a suite of services to meet your requirements.

Collaborate with you

In devising the suite of services, we will work with you to identify the key areas where you would require our support focusing on efficiency and cost savings.

Finalise suite of services

After working with your management team, we will submit to you the proposed services to meet your needs.

Smooth transition

We will ensure that any changes to your day-to-day finance functions will transition smoothly. This will be achieved by
(a) providing personalised training to your staff to familiarise them with the key changes on your finance functions, templates, etc;
(b) Parallel run of the new system with your existing system, if applicable; and
(c) Obtaining feedback from the ground and making adjustments when deemed necessary.

Business as usual

We will be working as if we are part of your management team by
(a) providing timely advice as and when deemed necessary; and
(b) hearing feedback from your management team to make necessary adjustments to meet the demands of your business.